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What is the Georgia Open Records Act?

The Georgia Open Records Act (OCGA 50-18-70 through 77) establishes the right of every citizen to inspect and receive a copy of all public records, except those specifically exempt from being open. When the City receives a record request under the Open Records Act, it must comply with guidelines established in the law:

The Lawrenceville City Clerk shall determine if the requested records are subject to access and are public documents as defined by the Georgia Open Records Act. The City shall have a reasonable amount of time to determine whether or not the requested document(s) is a public record(s), but in no event shall this time exceed three (3) business days.
Documents determined to be public documents shall be produced at the earliest possible time.  
If the records are not public documents as defined by the Georgia Open Records Act, the City must respond in writing specifying the legal authority for restricting access to the records.
If the public documents are not immediately available, the City must provide a written description of the records and a timetable for their production.